Color, Cold, and Castor Oil

Because I'm a fan of color and I love blonde and copper tones, I have had my hair dyed and re-dyed like no other!  But now with winter setting in I can feel the dryness coming also.  So its back to using castor oil!

Normally I don't use a shower cap or anything that will keep my hair from getting wet in the shower.  In fact, usually I like the steam and mist from the shower to soften my locs and "reset" them just in case I slept funny on them.  Well right after I step out of the shower I just rub a little castor oil on my hair root to tip.  You don't need much, because that stuff is a little potent! The smell isn't that great either, but you can always add a scented oil to the mix.  I use a vanilla essential oil added in.  Yum.

This picture is me cheesin at a beach party...  Sand, sea water, and freshly colored locs don't mix either!  I was conditioning for days after that trip.    


I just came across your blog after someone mentioned using castor oil on my new locs.

Wow, your hair color is gorgeous. I just started my loc journey on the 9th of January, after being natural for 9 years. I am loving my baby dredlettes, but I can't wait for them to grow and to add a little more color to them.

I hope you plan on selling those loc ties. They're really cute.

I don't have a blog dedicated solely to my hair, but I did write about my new journey here:

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