Drinking Water.........

I've been slacking on drinking water.  And it's starting to show in my hair.  Over the summer it was easy for me to gulp down quarts of water becuse of the NC heat.  But now that its a bit cooler and there are less outdoor activities, I find myself not meeting my daily ration of water simply because I don't feel thirsty. And now my locs and scalp are definitely showing it. 

Water is essential to having healthy hair, skin..... heck, everything!  This week I am once again implementing  the drinking schedule that my aunt shared with me a while back:

Glass first thing in the morning and after breakfast
Glass before mid-morning snack
Glass before and after lunch (a 20oz. bottle of water will take care of that)
Glass before mid-afternoon snack
Glass before and after dinner

Its  really not that hard.  I guess its more of will-power than anything else.  Well, I'm off to the kitchen to get a glass.  :)


I went ahead and bought a $1 water bottle from Walmart and carry it with me EVERYWHERE... and now I have to pee all the time! LOL but my skin feels better, my whole body and I'm sure my hair likes it too. So continue your water regiment!!

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