My First Post!!

Hello All!

Welcome to my blog!  I hope to share meaningful information with the cyber-world while I enjoy every aspect of my loc journey.

I did the "Big Chop" way back in December of 2007.  To me it seems like it was just a couple months ago that I really cut my hair.  The time is flying by!!!  (That is definitely not a good thing because it means I'm getting old!)  I had a bad perm-and-color job that broke most of my past-shoulder length hair off.  In order to mask the breakage I had micro-braids put in.  It was a move to make me feel better but overall it just made the situation worse.  Once those braids came out.... most of my hair did also.  I was so mad I just said "F-it!"...I immediately went to my cousin, who was an aspiring cosmetologist, and had her chop it all off.  My hair was less than two inches short!  And I went to a party that same day.  Talk about SHOCK!!

Here are pics of my before and after....

Immediately, I was immersed head first in the napptural culture and all that came with it!


Love the change!!! It really brings out your facial features more. DId you recieve any negative feed back when you attended that party? I've been contemplating cutting it all off but a bit on the fence if I should cut it all off first or just let the perm grow out. Any thoughts?

I agree with what Denise says .. the changes are great .. gives you a totally different look!

Thank you for keeping up this blog. After my big chop, I'm returning to locs. Your 1st install is gorgeous and natural hair really suits you, like all black women of course.

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