Its been forever since I've posted..... here are a few pics as to where my hair is now :)

Fuzzies Clipped off my Locs

So yesterday i got my hair retwisted.  Not only did she clip the ends off of some of my locs but she also went up and down each loc clipping off hairs that were sticking out.  I think it looks good.  I loved it being fuzzy but the random hairs were causing a lot of my locs to marry, even when they were dry.  

More Loc Ties!

This is becoming addicting...

Curly Locs

This is the outcome of an overnight set with my Soft Spikes. Its my second time using them so I really haven't gotten the hang of them. I like the results, it's a good change :)

Me waking up with the set in :-P....
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New Hobby - Loc Ties!

Check out my new hair ties!!!!  In a state of creativity my sister and I decided to make a few hair ties so that I could put my hair back without popping all of her hair elastics...... 

They even looked cute in my sister's relaxed hair!  So there is definitely more to come!!  :) 

Testing out the best Loc products

I've experimented with a lot of products to twist my hair with.  Honey, Jamaican Mango & Lime, Murry's Beeswax (cringe), and a couple others.  I still haven't found the best one for my hair.  Alot of the products just sit on top of my hair, then in a few days I get massive build up.  Then I have to wash and the process starts all over again.  So it's time to find something new. 

Drinking Water.........

I've been slacking on drinking water.  And it's starting to show in my hair.  Over the summer it was easy for me to gulp down quarts of water becuse of the NC heat.  But now that its a bit cooler and there are less outdoor activities, I find myself not meeting my daily ration of water simply because I don't feel thirsty. And now my locs and scalp are definitely showing it. 

Water is essential to having healthy hair, skin..... heck, everything!  This week I am once again implementing  the drinking schedule that my aunt shared with me a while back:

Glass first thing in the morning and after breakfast
Glass before mid-morning snack
Glass before and after lunch (a 20oz. bottle of water will take care of that)
Glass before mid-afternoon snack
Glass before and after dinner

Its  really not that hard.  I guess its more of will-power than anything else.  Well, I'm off to the kitchen to get a glass.  :)

Color, Cold, and Castor Oil

Because I'm a fan of color and I love blonde and copper tones, I have had my hair dyed and re-dyed like no other!  But now with winter setting in I can feel the dryness coming also.  So its back to using castor oil!

Normally I don't use a shower cap or anything that will keep my hair from getting wet in the shower.  In fact, usually I like the steam and mist from the shower to soften my locs and "reset" them just in case I slept funny on them.  Well right after I step out of the shower I just rub a little castor oil on my hair root to tip.  You don't need much, because that stuff is a little potent! The smell isn't that great either, but you can always add a scented oil to the mix.  I use a vanilla essential oil added in.  Yum.

This picture is me cheesin at a beach party...  Sand, sea water, and freshly colored locs don't mix either!  I was conditioning for days after that trip.    

Now that I'm LOC'D.....

Fast forward to...Now!

I am one year being loc'd. My hair was shoulder length again and I couldn't keep up with it so I had to just let it loc. I loved my loose hair but with two small kids and a shrinking budget I just couldn't maintain the kinks like I wanted to. (I'll admit, I had become a product junkie!) So in October 2008 I had my hairstylist perform the most perfect two-strand twist she could do. And that was the birth of my locs today. I have had some ups and downs with them, occasions when I wanted to just cut them all off, tears over the fuzzyness, and moments of immense frustration. But through it all, those trials have solidified my LUV for them!

My First Post!!

Hello All!

Welcome to my blog!  I hope to share meaningful information with the cyber-world while I enjoy every aspect of my loc journey.

I did the "Big Chop" way back in December of 2007.  To me it seems like it was just a couple months ago that I really cut my hair.  The time is flying by!!!  (That is definitely not a good thing because it means I'm getting old!)  I had a bad perm-and-color job that broke most of my past-shoulder length hair off.  In order to mask the breakage I had micro-braids put in.  It was a move to make me feel better but overall it just made the situation worse.  Once those braids came out.... most of my hair did also.  I was so mad I just said "F-it!"...I immediately went to my cousin, who was an aspiring cosmetologist, and had her chop it all off.  My hair was less than two inches short!  And I went to a party that same day.  Talk about SHOCK!!

Here are pics of my before and after....

Immediately, I was immersed head first in the napptural culture and all that came with it!